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*READ ME FIRST* Forum Rules & FAQs
Welcome to the ResellingRevealed Forums!

By registering on this site, you are also agreeing to the following ResellingRevealed Forum Rules & Etiquette.  Before we hammer out exactly what those are, let's just share with you our idea for the forums and the atmosphere here:

The ResellingRevealed Forums are a place designed for those serious about selling on eBay to meet together and grow their businesses through positivity, synergy, and information sharing.

If you can keep with the spirit of that, you'll fit right in here.  Now, there are specific ways that you can break the rules here which will result in consequences ranging from a warning to an instant ban.  The consequence is entirely up to the moderators and will depend on the situation and attitudes of those involved.

While the specific ways that people can be idiots are far too diverse to enumerate, the following can be considered "Punishable Offenses":

Insults & Rudeness

Personal Insults and name-calling are not tolerated.  This isn't grade school (or high school, for that matter,) and everyone should feel safe to say something dumb or mess up without being raked across the coals.  You are free to disagree (even vehemently), dispute the opinions or posts of others, and even disabuse people of their false realities.  However, being extremely rude, sarcastic, telling someone to shut up, or being an all-around jerk will make sure that your stay here is a very short one.

Other Childish Behavior

Failure to comport yourself as an adult can also result in the ban-hammer falling.  This includes (but is not limited to):
  • Harassment
  • Threats of any sort
  • Trolling
  • Purposefully Misleading Others
  • Unnecessary Profanity
  • Posting Sexual Content
  • Abusing the PM System
  • Antagonizing or Provoking members/moderators
  • Unabashed self promotion or promotion of paid products/courses/etc.
In short, any behavior which is not congruent with our mission statement will result in the offender being ousted.

If you are curious about whether a behavior is tolerated, it probably isn't.  This is our holy place of fun and productivity, and we will defend it as such.

If you feel any member is in violation of the spirit of the forums, feel free to PM any of the admins or moderators and we will review the situation.
Instagram: FlippingWizards
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Who can post in the forums?

Anyone!  The Weekly Topic section of the forum is visible to both guests and members.  If you want to post, you will need to register (for free).  The other 95% of the forum is visible only to forum supporters.

What kind of threads can I start?

The Weekly Topic threads can only be started by an administrator.  Forum Supporters, however, are allowed to start a thread about any facet of reselling they wish to discuss in the members section of the forum.

Can I become a moderator?

We are always on the lookout for dedicated moderators that help us support the vision of the forum and keep it a safe and spam-free place.  It is a volunteer position, but if you're a forum regular that wants to help out, PM myself or RR-Kirstie and we'll get you more information.

What if I have a problem?

PM me or RR-Kirstie.  We're probably out sourcing at the moment, but we will address your concern as soon as possible.

Other Questions?

Ask them in the General Discussion section or PM me or RR-Kirstie
Instagram: FlippingWizards
Love of my life: Kirstie

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